Lyrical Life Science Vol. 3: The Human Body: CD, Text RS53AD

Lyrical Life Science Vol. 3: The Human Body: CD, Text

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  • Author: Doug C. Eldon, Dorry Eldon, Bobby Horton
  • Pages: 3

This musically and lyrically rich sound recording and text set, both humorous and challenging, covers the human body in detail: from its general structure
(cells, genes, tissues, organs, and organ systems), to the details of all 11 of its organ systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, respiratory, etc.

This musically and lyrically rich sound recording set uses both humor and challenges to help students learn about the human body in detail. From the body's general structure:

  • cells
  • genes
  • tissues
  • organs
  • and organ systems
To the details of all 11 of its organ systems including:
  • skeletal
  • muscular
  • nervous
  • digestive
  • respiratory, etc
As with the other Lyrical Life Sciences tapes/CD's, this is of the highest production quality, recorded by Bobby Horton, a professional instrumental and vocal musician who specializes in 19th and early 20th century folk music. (He is featured on the PBS "Civil War" and "Baseball" video series.)

Text includes complete lyrics and sheet music (including guitar chords), numerous detailed illustrations and in-depth explanations of concepts in the lyrics. The workbook includes two or three worksheets for each segment of the program. Worksheets may be used for study, review, and/or testing. Besides worksheets, there are also "digging deeper" questions, to help students understand how what they are studying applies to their lives as well as a complete answer key.

The publishers note-and we absolutely agree:"This. . . set can be used by students of many ages. Younger elementary students can benefit by becoming familiar with scientific terms through casual listening. . . ." Middle school students often study life science in sixth grade; the text and musical arrangements are geared for this age and older students. The information covered in the songs and text should be very familiar to high school students as they study biology in greater depth." A winner by all measures.
Text: oversize Pb, 93 pp, illus.
Workbook: oversize Pb, 48 pp, illus, consumable, reproducible.
Audio: 13 songs.
Recommended Resource for Fifth Year Science.

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