The Fields of Home RR79

The Fields of Home

Vol. 5 of the Ralph Moody Collection

This item has been discontinued.

  • Author: Ralph Moody
  • Read Aloud Grade Range: 6 - Adult
  • Read Alone Grade Range: 7 - Adult
  • Binding: Pb
  • Pages: 335

One of the most powerful stories of redemption and reconciliation I have ever read. At 16, Ralph is sent to live with and help his grandfather. But grandfather can't be gotten along with. Absolutely impossible.

Grandfather is a (verbally) abusive and angry old man. Several times, Ralph is ready either to kill him or run away. It is a testament to God's grace and Ralph's character that he doesn't do either.

But then Uncle Levi tells Ralph something he can't understand: somehow Grandfather's abusive behavior is really meant to convey his love and admiration for Ralph. How can that be? A heart-wrenching, deep story. And Grandfather does change. Stunning.

Contains some mature thematic elements and raw language.

Pb, illus. 335 pp.

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