Audio Memory® States & Capitals Songs CD Kit RR61

Audio Memory® States & Capitals Songs CD Kit

This item has been discontinued.


Easy sing-along songs teach names and locations of the 50 states and their capitals.

  • Capitals songs include portions in which students are encouraged to provide the content to which the recording artists then provide an echo confirmation — a useful mnemonic device.
  • Includes a 22"x36" black and white map of the US printed on relatively light weight paper.
  • Includes keyed pointers to indicate over 150 important geographical features (national parks, rivers, etc.) and metropolitan areas in the US.
  • States and capitals are organized by location: northern, southern and eastern border states, and middle states. Alaska and Hawaii are not included in the songs, though they are shown and listed on the map.

Public school students in our district are not permitted to graduate from high school without attaining a 100% score on a test of states and capitals. Too bad we didn't know about this CD kit in time to help our older kids. You might as well teach your kids while they're young! — Plug them in with earphones.

[Note: Older children (and adults!) may cringe at the "babyish" nature of the voices (high, relatively thin female voices predominate) and the thin background music.]

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