All About Spelling Level 7

Level 7 Teacher's Manual & Student Packet

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Please note: Your student should always begin with Level One, regardless of grade level. There are materials needed in each level which are used again in subsequent levels. For example, Level 3 requires the student to review cards from Levels 1 and 2.

Level 7 in the All About Spelling series has all of the features and learning tools you’ve come to expect. In a practical, hands-on way, your student will master important spelling concepts:

  • Clues for knowing when to use ANCE or ENCE for the sound of /ĕnts/ as in significance and conference

  • Strategies for spelling words with Latin and Greek elements as in deductible and hydroscope

  • Loan words from French, Spanish, and Italian such as camouflage and scenario

  • and much more, including a plan for lifetime learning!

You’ll appreciate the organization, thought, and research that went into this program as you work with your student on the multisensory activities incorporated into every Step.

  • Concept-oriented spelling lists are grouped by similar phonograms and spelling rules. This accelerates learning by organizing ideas in the student’s mind and allowing the student to concentrate on and master one or two main concepts before moving on.

  • Word Trees introduce your student to Latin roots in an innovative way. Latin root tiles and Greek word part tiles provide helpful hands-on practice.

  • Word Banks help your student build visual memory of words.

  • The Writing Station activity and Story Starter cards give your student a creative outlet for applying new knowledge. This activity provides the practice and structure he needs to achieve the goal of correct spelling outside the classroom.

  • Tips for the teacher anticipate and provide answers to your questions and give you on-the-spot strategies for helping your student overcome stumbling blocks. Worked seamlessly into the lessons, tips are placed right where you need them, when you need them, so you can continue your teaching uninterrupted.

  • The Homophone Pairs activity provides more practice for the student to recognize and choose the correct homophone in his own writing.

  • The Progress Chart gives your student a visual reminder of how far he has come and motivates him to master the next step.

The 30 steps of Level 7 progress in a logical, sequential order.

Add the Spelling Review Box to help you organize the included flashcards so you can quickly see which words, phonograms, and spelling rules your student still needs to learn and review. Order your Spelling Review Box here.

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Basic Interactive Kit (RL80)

Use this one-time purchase kit for all levels of All about Spelling. Includes Letter tiles, Magnets, Phonogram sounds app, and Divider Cards. Necessary for teaching Levels 1 to 7.


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All About Spelling Level 7 Student Packet (RL96)

One Student Material Packet is included with each purchase of All About Spelling Level 7. Additional Student Material Packets can be purchased individually.


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