Level F: 5-Day Reader Collection RF

Level F: 5-Day Reader Collection

Additional titles to enhance your 4-Day program

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Are you loving the books in your 4-Day Sonlight program? Add these extra 5-Day titles to enhance your year. Perfect for bedtime reading, summers, breaks, and any time your child says they are bored or wish they had more to read.

Readers / Literature

Just So Stories (FR09)

One of the best-loved children's books of all time. "Answers" such questions as how the camel got its hump and the elephant his trunk.



A Girl Named Disaster (FR10)

Farmer. Newbery Honor. After running away to escape an unwanted marriage, Nhamo must find her inner courage to ensure her survival of the dangerous adventure ahead.



Mission to Cathay (FR20)

A fictional story of Matteo Ricci, the first Roman Catholic ambassador to enter China.



Listening for Lions (FR27)

British East Africa (today's Kenya) is the only home Rachel Sheridan has ever known. But when influenza strikes down her missionary parents in 1919, she is left vulnerable prey to her family's wicked British neighbors. Rachel's wit, spirit and courage help her press through trials and cling to hope.



A Beautiful Lie (FR31)

How can a lie be beautiful? Set in India during Partition (when Pakistan became a separate nation), 13-year-old Bilal is dealing with the impending death of his father. He wants his father to die in peace, without knowing about the upheaval all around. An engaging story in a vivid setting at a unique time.


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