Klutz String Art Book Kit RE76

Klutz String Art Book Kit

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Create super-stylish string art.

You start with string, pins, paper, and a board. You end with adorable art. This kit takes the mystery out of what happens in between.

Discover a whole new world of string art, from cute critters to fashionable flowers. Learn just three techniques - Scribble, Fan, and Zigzag - to make the 15+ projects included in the book.

  • Encourages fine motor skills, following instructions, creativity and math skills
  • Great lesson in patience, organization and focus
  • Fun fact: string art was originally invented to help teach math concepts
  • Simple, illustrated instructions make learning extremely easy

Projects Include:

  • Scribble Technique: Heart, Star, Whale, Cherries, Locket, Glasses, Love.
  • Fan Technique: Butterfly, Star, Flower, Fox, Dandelion, Owl.
  • Zigzag Technique: Feather, Ice Cream, Star, Snail.

What You Get:

  • 60 page instructional book with Klutz Certified crystal-clear instructions
  • Klutz custom pin-pushing tool
  • 550 sturdy pins
  • 80 yds of craft string in 8 colors
  • 6 project boards
  • 10 decorative sheets of backing paper
  • 5 sheets of tracing paper

Suitable for ages 8+
Suitable for grades 3 and up

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