Animal Record Breakers RE63

Animal Record Breakers

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  • Author: Steve Parker
  • Binding: Pb

The definitive guide to the most exceptional creatures on Earth. Read not only records like fastest and largest, but also the truly unusual. Animal Record Breakers reveals the most fantastic facts about the AMAZING creatures that share our planet.

Most bizarre defense?
Three species of horned lizard that can squirt blood from their eyes over a distance of four feet.

Worst climber?
The western fence lizards, which fall out of their oak tree homes about 12,000 times a year.

Includes myth-busters (centipedes have the most legs, not millipedes) and fascinating stories (two "dead" specimens of desert snail were glued onto a museum display tablet only to come out of hibernation four years later).

From man-eating sharks to snakes that grow longer than buses, meet almost 900 of the greatest record-breakers of the animal world–the tallest, largest, strongest, deadliest, fastest, and freakiest. Kids will love the world-record approach, the stunning photos and graphics, and the easy-to-grasp comparisons.

Suitable for ages 8+
Grade range: 3+

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