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Famous Figures of Ancient Times

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  • Author: Cathy Diez-Luckie
  • Binding: Pb

Make your study of history fun and memorable with these articulated puppets of famous people from Ancient Times. With Famous Figures of Ancient Times your children will make jointed paper dolls of the most important people from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and Jerusalem! Includes Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, King David, Jesus, Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, Hannibal (and his elephant!), and more!

Famous Figures of Ancient Times: figures and books

Includes twenty historical figures (and an elephant):

  1. Narmer
  2. Khufu
  3. Hatshepsut
  4. Sargon the Great
  5. Hammurabi
  6. Moses
  7. King David
  8. Ashurbanipal
  9. Nebuchadnezzar II
  10. Cyrus the Great
  11. A Greek Hoplite
  12. Qin Shi Huangdi
  13. Aristotle
  14. Alexander the Great
  15. Hannibal
  16. Hannibal’s Elephant
  17. Julius Caesar
  18. Caesar Augustus
  19. Jesus
  20. Constantine
  21. Augustine

First, cut them out and put them together. Then use your imagination to make them come to life. Each of these easy to assemble figures comes in two versions: pre-colored, or blank and ready to color. Printed on sturdy paper, when assembled, these figures move their arms and legs! Includes historical information.

Famous Figures of Ancient Times will inspire the imagination and creativity of your child. It is a perfect activity for eager learners who continually want more hands-on activities. These ancient jointed paper dolls also motivate and engage reluctant students. Another benefit of creating historical figures is developing your child’s story telling abilities. Furthermore, your child will build fine motor skills as they cut out and put together the pieces.

Famous Figures of Ancient Times: More figures and books

Famous Figures of Ancient Times provides hours of fun and educational play for hands-on learners! The perfect complement to Sonlight levels B, B+C, G and W… or any history program you may be using.

Suitable for ages 6-14
Grade range: 1-9

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