Hydraulic Can Crusher Challenge Crate RE26

Hydraulic Can Crusher Challenge Crate

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Even if you personally don’t want to move to Mars, most likely someone in your family is fascinated by space. It’s hard not to be – rockets, zero gravity, the unfathomable distances, survival in such a hostile environment.

This STEM toy crate comes with everything you need to invent an outer space hydraulic can crusher so you can crush cans like an astronaut.

Engineers use hydraulics to get a lot of force out of a little package. Learn about forces as they apply to hydraulics. Pull up CAD models and lessons online. Learn about Pascal's Law using a hydraulic thumb war game. Then explore mechanical advantage with the same game, using different-sized parts. Next make a hydraulic pump. And then, take all the hands-on learning to create a can crusher out of surprisingly slight materials.

Each crate includes: 4 hydraulic activities, a research log, and detailed instructions.

No resources.

No attachments or samples.

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