10 Days in Americas + Book Bundle RC2

10 Days in Americas + Book Bundle

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The game: Get set to encounter the most fascinating sights the Western Hemisphere has to offer. Chart your course from start to finish using destination and transportation tiles. With careful planning (and a little luck), you just might outsmart your fellow travelers, make your connections first and win the game. A fun way to learn some geography in a game you can play in 30 minutes or less! Recommended for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up.

The book: When he boards the M.S. Orion, 13-year-old Simon Renier has no idea what the journey to Venezuela holds. When a cousin and traveling companion is murdered en route, his original plan is sidetracked. Will he ever return the soon-to-be-stolen family heirloom — a portrait of Simon Bolivar — to its rightful place? Will they solve the mystery before the murderer and thief escape into the jungle?

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