Masters of the Renaissance RC16

Masters of the Renaissance

Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and more

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A Greathall Story CD Inspire a lifelong fascination with the arts. True stories, vivid as the colors in which they painted, bring to life the personalities and unique genius of Renaissance Masters who changed the way we see the world. An appropriate complement to your children's History / Bible / Literature H studies. Timeline: Renaissance Italy. Approximately 75 minutes.

  1. In the Medici Palace
  2. The Man Who Loved Books
  3. Lorenzo in War and Peace
  4. Ghiberti and the Gates of Paradise
  5. Donatello
  6. Brunelleschi's Glorious Dome
  7. Leonardo da Vinci: the Art of Genius
  8. Leonardo in Milan
  9. The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa
  10. Michelangelo: the Genius of Art
  11. Wrestling a Giant
  12. Michelangelo Versus Leonardo
  13. The Warrior Pope
  14. The Sistine Chapel
  15. The Old Lions Die

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