Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America RC13

Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America

A Greathall Story CD

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Touching personal moments give a glimpse of why Abraham Lincoln holds a special place in our history and hearts. Listen in on his famous wit, the ethical issues with which he wrestled, military battles and the complete Gettysburg Address. Includes vivid descriptions of Lee, Grant, Stephen Douglas, Mary Todd Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and more. An appropriate complement to your children's History / Bible / Literature E studies. Approximately 70 minutes.

  1. Pen and Paper
  2. Young Abe Lincoln
  3. Stephen Douglas and Mary Todd
  4. The Run-up to War
  5. Lincoln vs. Douglas
  6. President Lincoln
  7. War!
  8. Gettysburg and Vicksburg
  9. The Gettysburg Address (full text)
  10. Victory and Loss
  11. Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America

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