Thomas Jefferson's America RC12

Thomas Jefferson's America

A Greathall Story CD

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Thomas Jefferson lived a dozen lifetimes in one: patriot, scientist, architect, president and author of the Declaration of Independence. Above all others, he preferred "father" and "grandfather." Yet time and again, demand for his unique skills drew him from the quiet home he loved. Thrill to true stories of war and peace, loyalty and betrayal, battles against empires and struggles against slavery. An appropriate complement to your children's History / Bible / Literature D studies. Approximately 74 minutes.

  1. Preface: The Nature of Heroes
  2. Tom's Mountain (with Dabney Carr)
  3. Williamsburg: Law and Revolution (with Patrick Henry)
  4. A December Night (with Martha Jefferson)
  5. The Declaration of Independence (with Benjamin Franklin and John Adams)
  6. Paris (with John and Abigail Adams and the Marquis de Lafayette)
  7. Jefferson versus Hamilton (with George Washington and Alexander Hamilton)
  8. Friend and Foe Sit Down to Dine (with James Madison and Alexander Hamilton)
  9. The Presidency and the Louisiana Purchase (with Hamilton, Burr, Adams, Monroe and Lewis and Clark)
  10. Coming Home: Monticello/University of Virginia (with the Jefferson Family, Madison and James Monroe)
  11. A Tearful Reunion (with the Marquis de Lafayette)
  12. "Thomas Jefferson Still Survives" (with John Adams, James Monroe and James Madison)

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