The Queen's Pirate RC11

The Queen's Pirate

Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake

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A Greathall Story CD From daring sea voyages to glittering throne rooms to the dreaded Tower of London, experience the pageantry of olde England with two of history's most fascinating characters: Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake, explorer extraordinaire. Timeline: 1500s (England, Spain, Caribbean). An appropriate complement to your children's History / Bible / Literature C studies. Approximately 60 minutes.

  1. The Queen Remembers
  2. Life or Death
  3. Dangerous Games
  4. Mary, Queen of Scots
  5. Even the Mightiest Monarch
  6. Captain Will Deacon
  7. The Raid on Panama
  8. Around the World
  9. Finding the Treasure Ship
  10. Facing the Armada

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