Level E: 5-Day Read-Aloud Collection RAE

Level E: 5-Day Read-Aloud Collection

Additional titles to enhance your 4-Day program

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Are you loving the books in your 4-Day Sonlight program? Add these extra 5-Day titles to enhance your year. Perfect as bedtime stories. Great family reading over the summer, holidays, and while on breaks.

Read Alouds

General Butterfingers (EA20)

Eleven-year-old Walter can't believe his eyes when he sees the eviction notice from Ralph, the rotten nephew of his old friend, General Britt. It isn't so bad for Walter and his mother, who also lives there – she would have no trouble finding another housekeeping job to support them both. But what about the old soldiers, the last surviving members of the crack World War II rescue force called the Spitzers, who saved the general's life more than forty years before?

This warmly humorous novel shows two very different generations banding together to outwit a cunning adversary in order to see justice and honor prevail!



Every Soul a Star (EA22)

Mass. Three narrators: a cheerful girl who lives at an astronomy camp, a girl who wants only to be beautiful and popular, and a chubby boy who ignores school. They unexpectedly converge at an event for a solar eclipse. They each find their way. They become unexpected friends. They deal with real pain and loss, and think about how to move forward. Delightful.



Readers / Literature

A Summer of Sundays (EA21)

Eland. Middle child Sunday Fowler is too young for her sisters and too old for her brothers. How can she stand out in such a large family? Her opportunity comes when the family moves to a small town so her father can renovate the town library, and she discovers a mysterious manuscript in the basement. Charming.


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