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Piano for Quitters


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  • Author: Piano for Life, Inc.

A revolution in piano instruction. Piano for Quitters breaks down the practical elements of music...an approach that even works for the youngest of students!

The award-winning Piano for Quitters program on DVD is paced perfectly for brand new beginners, anyone with very little background in music, or for those who have had lessons and want to also be able to play without having to read notes. Pianist Mark Almond carefully explains where chords come from, how they are built, and how they are used.

These piano lessons are designed for everyone, not just "quitters." Although designed primarily for teens and adults, much of the material can easily be adapted for children even under the age of five.

90-minute video (DVD format) with ten piano lessons; also comes with a companion booklet, which gives brief descriptions of each piano lesson.

Note: The Piano for Quitters DVD is not region specific, and will work on any (international) DVD players.

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