World's Very Best Opera for English MU23

World's Very Best Opera for English

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  • Author: Avery MacLean
  • Pages: 48

If you haven't fallen in love with opera yet, this is the album for you.

And if you're already an opera lover, this album will delight you.

Fourteen of the best-loved opera solos (called "arias"), translated and sung in English. The Queen of the Night? Yes. "Fi-i-garo, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro"? Yes.

Songs from Carmen, from The Marriage of Figaro (not the same as The Barber of Seville, which has the famous "Figaro" song).

You probably know about castrati, the male singers who were castrated to keep their soprano voices. (The last of these died in 1920 – that's not that long ago!) For years after that, women sang the soprano roles that men used to sing.

But this album has Handel's "Largo" sung by a man, not a castrati. His falsetto is unbelievable.

Includes lyrics, plot summaries, and bonus sing-along tracks.

Build your cultural literacy and excite your ear drums with this glorious, glorious album.

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