Third Quarter Package K

Kindergarten Curriculum

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This 9-week curriculum package will carry you through the third quarter of the school year. We recommend that you complete the second quarter curriculum package before this program.

Designed for children ages 5-6 (kindergarten), this Sonlight package is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use curriculum that includes everything you need to homeschool for the third quarter of the school year: daily lesson plans, book notes, teaching tips, all the books and materials. Simply continue with the math program you’re already doing or this is also a good time to consider changing a math program that isn’t the best fit for your student. Add any optional language arts materials, and desired electives … and you’ve got a complete curriculum! Flexibility without a year-long commitment.

This package Includes the following. You will already have purchased some of the materials as part of the first quarter curriculum package.

  • History
  • Bible
  • Literature
  • Language Arts
  • Handwriting
  • Science
  • Mapping and Timeline Activities
  • All connected with a daily schedule – what we refer to as an Instructor’s Guide.

NOTE: In the first quarter curriculum package, you purchased several materials that can be used for a full year (history spine, handwriting, map and timeline activities). If you continue with additional quarterly packages, you will not need to purchase those materials again. See additional notes below.

Overview of the Instructor’s Guide

All the lesson plans, activities, notes, and teaching tips you need to teach your child. The Sonlight Instructor’s Guide takes the books included in this curriculum package and turns them into a cohesive curriculum—all of the planning has been done for you! Just open the guide and go.

The Instructor’s Guide will come as loose, 3-hole punched pages. We recommend placing the guide into a 3-ring binder. If you plan to purchase additional quarterly curriculum packages, we recommend the Sonlight 3” binder so all materials will fit.

Overview of History

Sonlight K shares the stories of key events and important people in American history. Read stories of kings and future presidents, leaders, writers, and explorers. Your children will learn about the expedition of Lewis and Clark to how it was like to be a pioneer. They will read about the people of the times up to and including the Civil War.

Overview of Bible

The Bible portion of the program continues with The One Year Bible for Children (included in the first quarter package), an excellent overview of the stories of the Scriptures.

Overview of Literature

The literature portion of this program includes both Read-Alouds, the books you read aloud to your children, and Readers, the books your children will learn to read themselves. Readers are included in the language arts portion of your curriculum.

For Read-Alouds, you will enjoy these favorites:

Overview of Language Arts

We’ll continue to introduce each letter of the alphabet and the primary sound(s) it makes, and students will get their creative juices flowing with simple writing activities (with you as your child's scribe). This quarter your student will begin to explore storytelling and proper phone usage. In addition they will continue their readers with words and sounds they have learned.

Overview of Handwriting

No matter what your child's motor skill level, they will enjoy daily success using our favorite program, Handwriting Without Tears. Includes the workbook, chalkboard, chalk, sponge, and lined paper from Handwriting Without Tears K.

Overview of Science

In this package, you’ll continue your studies from Sonlight Science K. If you haven’t already, we recommend purchasing the Discover & Do: Kindergarten Science Supplies Kit to minimize your experiment prep time. This package includes select books from Sonlight Science K: Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics and Engineering Design.

The Kindergarten Supplies Kit is a year-long kit and will only need to be purchased once.

Overview of Mapping & Timeline Activities
You'll continue to use Sonlight's Timeline Book and Markable Map (included in the first quarter package) to incorporate geography naturally into your school day. Students use the Markable Map to make visual connections of how all their history books and Read-Alouds relate geographically. Timeline activities tell you when to add people, events, and dates to your Timeline Book.

These are included only in this first semester package, but are referenced and scheduled in the second, third, and fourth quarter packages. You will not need to purchase them again if you purchased them with the first quarterly curriculum package of the same level.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want to make sure you get what is right for you and your family. Returning items that don't work for your family should be easy and stress-free. Every quarterly curriculum package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Items must be returned in unused, resalable condition. Get full details about the 30-day return policy here.

If you have any questions about Sonlight and our curriculum, please don't hesitate to contact a Sonlight Advisor for additional information.


  • This product is available for purchase only for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • We recommend you begin with the first quarter package as some materials included in it are needed to complete the second, third, and fourth quarter curriculum packages. These resources include, but are not limited to the history spine, science experiments, handwriting, spelling, map and timeline book activities. You will not need to repurchase the materials that are used all year long in the second, third, or fourth quarter packages; they will not be included in those packages.

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RecommendedOptional Language Arts

Optional Language Arts Items


Explode the Code A, B, C (KL030)

Consumable, Optional. An introduction to all the consonants of the alphabet except the letter "x." Includes three workbooks and the teacher's guide. Scheduled as optional in Language Arts for Grade K Readers.

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