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Language Arts J 2020 Version

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  • Age Range: 13-15
  • Grade Range: 8-10
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Language Arts J is linked to History / Bible / Literature J

Perfect bridge between Middle School and High School. It draws ideas for creative writing from the books your student read, and adds book analysis and SAT practice assignments. It provides clear instructions for all assignments, and rubrics to aid in evaluating your student's work.

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Instructor's Guides

Extra Language Arts J Student Activity Sheets (JLG1)

Consumable. One set of these consumable sheets is included in Language Arts JLG. You need one set per student.

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Language Arts

Vocabulary from Classical Roots A (240-20)

This book teaches modern English words based on their Latin and Greek roots. By learning the roots, one learns much about the meanings of whole families of English words. Very helpful . . . for life and the SATs!

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