Exploring Creation with General Science - Multimedia CD HS03

Exploring Creation with General Science - Multimedia CD

2nd Edition

This item has been discontinued.

  • Author: Apologia Educational Ministries

Includes audio pronunciations for unique vocabulary words found in the companion textbook, plus video clips and graphic demonstrations.

Dr. Wile shows you, with video examples, what you should be looking for and how you will look for it; he explains out loud — with animated graphics — some of the more difficult concepts and processes; and he presents live footage of what you are studying. Speaking as a former honors high school student: I would not want to do without the videos and many of the graphic animations and demonstrations.

System Requirements

You will need a PC with sound capability and uses Windows 95 or higher. Apologia does not offer technical support for Macintosh or Linux platforms. However, this product should work on Mac OS X or virtual PC 5.0.

Please Note: Software cannot be returned for a refund once package is opened. Once the package is opened, it may ONLY be returned if it is faulty, and then for purposes of EXCHANGE only.

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