Exploring Creation with General Science, Print Version HS01

Exploring Creation with General Science, Print Version

3rd Edition Text plus Solutions & Tests Manual

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  • Author: Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.

A wonderful, introduction to science in general and some of the specific sciences in particular, designed from the ground up for use by homeschoolers. Topics include a brief history of science; the scientific method; how to analyze and interpret experiments; the distinction between science, applied science, and technology; astronomy; geology and paleontology; meteorology and oceanography; chemistry; general physics; genetics (DNA and life); cells; classification (the five kingdom system); marine life; and ecology.

Throughout this course, subjects and illustrative examples are included that will be of particular interest and concern to evangelical Christians. Put another way, the authors do nothing to hide their Christian viewpoint and, indeed, seek to use the scientific evidence to advance a student's faith in the Bible and a Christian worldview.

The course includes lots of hands-on experiments. The text is written in a conversational and personal tone, making it easy to read and understand. It contains student exercises (with detailed solutions), experiments, and tests (with detailed solutions). Comes in two volumes: a 434-page, oversized hardbound "student text," printed on glossy stock, including lots of color photos and illustrations; and a "solutions and tests" manual. Price includes both volumes and free curricular support from the publisher.

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