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This delightful 8-week curriculum package includes everything you need to finish your school year strong. Designed for high school students, this Sonlight package is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use curriculum that includes everything: daily lesson plans, book notes, teaching tips, and all the books and materials you need to teach.


  • History
  • Bible
  • Literature
  • Language Arts
  • All connected with a daily schedule – what we refer to as an Instructor’s Guide.

Overview of the Instructor’s Guide

All the lesson plans, activities, notes and teaching tips you need to teach your child. The Sonlight Instructor’s Guide takes the books included in this curriculum package and turns it into a cohesive curriculum—all of the planning has been done for you! Just open the guide and go.

The Instructor's Guide included in this package is digital. You will be able to download the IG from your Sonlight account after purchase; when the physical books have shipped.

Overview of History

The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension gives an amazing overview of the advances in physics and chemistry in the last century or so. Beginning with Einstein and his incredible leaps of imagination and understanding, the pace of scientific discovery accelerated throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. Astounding advances, from subatomic particles to the size and shape of the universe. This book, far from being a dry textbook, explains complex subjects simply and beautifully, in clear, understandable prose. A Smithsonian publication, not only was the text rigorously checked, but the production itself is a lavishly gorgeous book, beautifully printed, perfectly laid out. The text includes both biographies of some of the key players in science, as well as numerous sidebars to expand on some of the different principles mentioned. Incredibly readable and enjoyable. At the end you’ll feel so smart!

Overview of Bible

You’ll find memorization prompts and selected Bible readings to enjoy every day.

Overview of Language Arts

You’ll find daily creative writing prompts.

Overview of Literature

  • The Wednesday Wars, set during the Vietnam War, tells the intricately plotted story of a boy and his English teacher who grow and change as she teaches Shakespeare plays. It has war and forgiveness, immigration, family dynamics both painful and beautiful, friendship and first love. It's an amazing, outstanding book.
  • Moon Over Manifest, a gorgeous book, takes place during the Great Depression. After her dad sends her to his childhood town, Abilene hears the history, centered on events during WWI. A fantastic read.
  • The Gammage Cup, a fantasy story, might seem to start slow, but quickly becomes an engrossing survival tale. When is it right to be different? When does social pressure become too much? What does it look like to care for one’s neighbor? Charming and engrossing.
  • In A Long Way from Chicago, a boy and his sister go to visit their grandma during consecutive summers in the early 1930s. Grandma Dowdel is a force of nature, an unexpectedly compassionate friend, an outstanding figure in literature. A beautiful, marvelously funny, delightful book to read.
  • The View from Saturday uses multiple narrators to tell the story of young people who go to participate in a Knowledge Bowl competition. The different characters narrate their stories, how they know different facts. Along the way, they also help their teacher heal from some of the traumas that she's experienced in her life. So wonderful.

If you have any questions about what 8-week curriculum package to order, or what would be right for your family, please don't hesitate to contact a Sonlight Advisor and get some additional information.

History & Geography

The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension (JH03)

Not sure you're ready for quantum and theoretical physics? You have just needed a better teacher. Hakim does an outstanding job explaining challenging concepts, and you'll understand more than you would have thought possible. Learn about the advances in scientific thought, primarily in physics. How does the world work? After you read this, you'll know more than you do now! Beautiful, interesting, informative. Outstanding.


Instructor's Guides

Readers / Literature

A Long Way from Chicago (130-17)

Set in pre-Word War II America, this charming collection of short stories recounts the visits of a brother and sister to their eccentric grandmother in a small town in rural Illinois. A Long Way from Chicago by Richard Peck was a National Book Award finalist and Newbery Honor Book.


The View from Saturday (130-23)

Four friends from a class of social outcasts attempt to win an Academic Bowl with the help of their encouraging teacher. Sarita says, "As a two-time Newbery Medal winner, you know she has a good writing style. But this book has a wonderful story-line as well. It has the best of all worlds mixed into one."


Moon Over Manifest (230-07)

Frustrated by being sent away to live with relatives for the summer, Abilene exits her train early to explore the town her dad grew up in. While he's busy working for the railroad, she begins to uncover the secrets of what appears, initially, to be nothing more than a boring old town. Secrets, spies, and stories drive this tale forward, packed with historical detail and bringing redemption despite loss. Heartwarming.


The Gammage Cup (230-28)

A few citizens of an imaginary village dare to question some long-held but false beliefs in the community...and are ostracized as a result. Thought-provoking but easy to read.


The Wednesday Wars (330-27)

Holling is a 7th-grade boy forced to spend Wednesday afternoons dissecting Shakespeare with his teacher who, he is certain, "hates his guts." You'll grow with him through the uproars of adolescence and 1960s culture, as Holling realizes that he can choose the life he wants. Glorious.

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