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Discover the riches of world history from the Reformation to the present day!

You and your children will...

  • Discover what it was like to live in the exciting world of the 1700s as you meet Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon, Fredrick the Great, Catherine of Russia and many more.
  • Open a window into the world of our first president—George Washington.
  • Experience the rich tapestry of world events and political happenings of the 1800s in places like: Britain, Germany, Japan and Russia.
  • Travel along with Abraham Lincoln as he works his way from a young frontier boy, to President of the United States. Get a deeper look into his life as you discover the heart of the man who is now known as one our greatest presidents.
  • Dodge many bullets as you walk through the political, economic, cultural and social stresses that produced several revolutions, a civil war and two world wars.
  • Discover how new technology changed communication, travel and war forever and forced a few "isolated" countries to "westernize"—later to emerge as formidable world powers.
  • And much more.

History & Geography

Story of the World: Early Modern Times (Volume 3) (HH01)

The Story of the World Volume 3 covers early modern times and the major historical events in the years 1600 to 1850. It includes maps, illustrations, and biographies.


Story of the World: Modern Age (Volume 4) (HH02)

The Story of the World Volume 4 covers the Modern Age and its major historical events from 1850 to the present, in the same style as Volume 3.


Timeline Figures H (HH03)

Over 120 Timeline Figures for Sonlight H on self-adhesive heavy card stock. Just cut them out, color, and stick them in your Timeline Book.

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Required Items

History & Geography

Markable Map and Markers (MAP)

Includes two big full-color maps in one plus a four-color set of fine-tip water-based markers!

A geography Required Resource in every Sonlight History / Bible / Literature program from A—W.


Usborne Encyclopedia (GH07)

This newly updated Usborne encyclopedia takes readers on a tour of world history, from ancient times to the start of the 21st century. Ancient Egypt, the Aztec Empire, Medieval Europe, the First World War and many more fascinating subjects. "12,000 Years of World History" includes an illustrated time chart, more than 100 maps, fabulous illustrations and photos, and links to more than 800 Usborne-recommended websites and more.


Student Resources

The Timeline Book (RR120)

A blank timeline from 5,000 B.C. to the Present!

Pre-printed timeline in a spiral-bound book—for use throughout your homeschooling adventure. Required Resource for Sonlight A-J and useful in 100 through 500.

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