Happy Cheetah Reading Level 1

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Start your students reading with the thirty stories in three Happy Cheetah controlled readers.

Teach the methods that all successful readers use. Read through thirty stories using guided readers. Improve your student's ability to hear individual sounds in words (phonemic awareness). Your student will also learn new vocabulary and increase in fluency, all while gaining confidence and ease in reading and writing.

A research-driven program for beginning readers.

Products Included in Level 1:

  • Getting Ready Workbook
  • Cub Starting Workbook 1
  • My Family: Reader 1
  • Nana and Papa: Reader 2
  • Things I Like: Reader 3
  • Exclusive Happy Cheetah Reading Card Game Set
  • Exclusive Happy Cheetah Reading Whiteboard
  • Exclusive Happy Cheetah Reading Magnetic Letters
  • Exclusive Happy Cheetah Reading Alphabet Cards

Katie loves the short stories and that they all connect. Getting her to read just a few each day is hard! She is gaining confidence and trying to read along with me as I read the new reading material to her. —Lauren T.

Your Student Will:

  • Learn to write all capital and lowercase letters quickly and easily.
  • Copy short sentences, like: “My fish is orange.”
  • Identify which sounds go with which letters.
  • Accurately write short words, such as “lag,” “mug,” and “fed.”
  • Properly write his or her name, starting with a capital and using lowercase letters.
  • Read dozens of non-phonetic words, such as water, towel, polka-dot, look, boat, yellow, shells, and find.
  • Identify vowels and vowel chunks (two vowels together, as in raccoon), the start of spelling instruction.
  • Work with basic grammar and punctuation.
  • Practice the intuitive reading methods that all successful readers use.
  • Sound out and write high-frequency words easily and quickly, using lowercase letters.

Getting Ready Workbook: Prep

Because the research proves that copywork is integral to helping students learn to read quickly and easily, the Happy Cheetah Reading System starts with handwriting, then moves to phonics, where students learn the connection between sounds and the written letters.

The Getting Ready workbook introduces your students to printing by hand.

It uses a developmentally appropriate sequence for both capital and lowercase letters, so all beginning writers learn in the most efficient and easy way possible.

Getting Ready also uses a unique font. Dr. Karen developed this font to address handwriting issues that she sees regularly in her clinical practice. You can prevent letter reversals from the very beginning!

After learning to print all the individual letters, students move into beginning copywork. Next they start to work on hearing individual sounds in words (also called phonemic awareness), and finally practice writing numerals.

Cub Starting Workbook: Level 1

The Cub Starting Workbook introduces your student to the methods all successful readers use. Regular copywork encourages swift reading development. Enjoyable exercises keep your student interested while improving skills.

A complete language arts program, this book also includes spelling and creative writing.

It takes a true genius to simplify, and this program delivers simplicity. No separate parent manual or additional training required. Short, easy-to-use instructions. Start your journey today.

My Family: Reader 1

The first in this series of 12 guided readers. Includes ten short stories about a family of five and the things they like to do. But what will happen when one of the girls chooses to disobey? Cheery stories with simple, laugh out loud drama. Bright, full-color illustrations.

Nana and Papa: Reader 2

The second in this series of 12 guided readers.Ten short stories about the family's grandparents. Their pets, their hobbies, their quirks. Sweet and realistic. Full color.

Things I Like: Reader 3

The third in this series of 12 guided readers. Ten more short stories about things the family likes: the beach, fruits and vegetables, and so on. And a few stories at the end about animals. Full color.

Consumable workbook.

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