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6-Week Curriculum Package

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This delightful 6-week curriculum package includes everything you need to finish your school year strong. Designed for children ages 10-13 (grades 5-8), this Sonlight package is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use curriculum that includes everything: daily lesson plans, book notes, teaching tips, and all the books and materials you need to teach.


  • History
  • Bible
  • Literature
  • Language Arts
  • All connected with a daily schedule – what we refer to as an Instructor’s Guide.

Overview of the Instructor’s Guide

All the lesson plans, activities, notes and teaching tips you need to teach your child. The Sonlight Instructor’s Guide takes the books included in this curriculum package and turns it into a cohesive curriculum—all of the planning has been done for you! Just open the guide and go.

The Instructor's Guide included in this package is digital. You will be able to download the IG from your Sonlight account after purchase; when the physical books have shipped.

Overview of History

You and your children will enjoy the outstanding Landmark History of the American People, Volume 2, which covers some of the unexpected and fascinating events in American history, starting from the Civil War and moving on. It's American history as you've never seen it before. Written by a former Librarian of Congress, Daniel Boorstin, this engaging volume includes full-color illustrations and maps throughout. A favorite for many homeschooling families.

Overview of Bible

You’ll find memorization prompts and selected Bible readings to enjoy every day.

Overview of Language Arts

You’ll find daily creative writing prompts.

Overview of Literature

For Literature, you’ll enjoy both Read-Alouds, the books you read aloud to your children, and Readers, the books your children read to you.

In this package, there are three Read-Alouds to enjoy with your children.

  1. The Great Turkey Walk, a tall-tale story based on true events (proving that truth is stranger than fiction) tells not of a great cattle drive, but of a turkey walk. During westward expansion, the settlers longed for fowl, so enterprising drovers walked turkeys from the Mississippi River to Denver, Colorado. Fascinating and entertaining, laugh out loud funny in places, but also thought provoking. A good picture of American history in the late 1800s.
  2. Little Britches tells of a boy and his father, who, with the rest of their family, move to start a ranch. What incredible fortitude and creativity they needed to keep afloat. A family favorite. Sonlight co-founder John Holtmann thinks that the ending is the absolute best of any book he's ever read.
  3. In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, Chinese immigrant Shirley Temple Wong moves to New York. There she learns to adjust to a new culture. She takes comfort and pleasure in Jackie Robinson’s skill as the first African American player in professional baseball, as he plays for the Brooklyn Dodgers. So much goodness around culture and history and race and shared humanity. Incredibly memorable and beautifully done.

In this package, you’ll also enjoy three outstanding Readers with your children. By later elementary school, the expectation is that your children are no longer learning to read, but have transitioned into reading to learn. If you have a delayed or remedial reader, that's fine. You can either read these books aloud to your children, or allow them to work at a reduced pace (perhaps they read two pages per chapter and you read the rest).

  1. By the Great Horn Spoon! tells an amazing tale set during the California Gold Rush. One of the most memorable of all heroes, the butler Praiseworthy handles all challenges with elegance and grace. Extremely memorable, extremely entertaining.
  2. The Seventeenth Swap tells the story of a boy who figures out who to trade small things in order to achieve a goal. Along the way, he grows in perseverance, and starts to recognize the things about him that make him unique and gifted. A story of hope, endurance, and charm. Outstanding.
  3. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, a beloved classic for decades, tells the improbable story of a pampered suburbanite who runs away with her brother to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There they learn to survive, and get swept up in an art mystery. (Who thinks of these sorts of plots? Truly a work of creative genius.)

Daily Time Requirements:
Child; Parent: 2 - 3hrs

If you have any questions about what 6-week curriculum package to order, or what would be right for your family, please don't hesitate to contact a Sonlight Advisor and get some additional information.

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