Lower Elementary Bundle with Grade 4 Readers

6-Week Curriculum Package

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This delightful 6-week curriculum package includes everything you need to finish your school year strong. Designed for children ages 6-10 (grades 1-5), this Sonlight package is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use curriculum that includes everything: daily lesson plans, book notes, teaching tips, and all the books and materials you need to teach.


  • History
  • Bible
  • Literature
  • Language Arts
  • All connected with a daily schedule – what we refer to as an Instructor’s Guide.

Overview of the Instructor’s Guide

All the lesson plans, activities, notes and teaching tips you need to teach your child. The Sonlight Instructor’s Guide takes the books included in this curriculum package and turns it into a cohesive curriculum—all of the planning has been done for you! Just open the guide and go.

The Instructor's Guide included in this package is digital. You will be able to download the IG from your Sonlight account after purchase; when the physical books have shipped.

Overview of History

You and your children will enjoy the amazing Usborne Time Traveler. When Sonlight’s founder Sarita Holzmann was teaching her children, one of her children picked this book as rest time reading every day for months.

Filled with detailed illustrations and interesting facts about different time periods, your schedule covers both the ancient Romans and the Vikings. (This book also includes a section on the ancient Egyptians and the period of knights and castles, for you to read at your own leisure.)

Overview of Bible

You’ll find memorization prompts and selected Bible readings to enjoy every day.

Overview of Language Arts

You’ll find daily creative writing prompts.

Overview of Literature

The literature portion of this program include both Read-Alouds, the books you read aloud to your children, and Readers, the books your children read to you.

For Read-Alouds, you have three favorites to enjoy.

  1. Homer Price tells of the everyday adventures of a boy in Ohio. Colleen H. said, “You will NOT be disappointed with Homer Price! We read it years ago and my boys still talk about it. I can’t wait to get to it with my little girls! Have fun!” and Maria C. said, “Just finished Homer Price and the kids and dare I say I loved it! Even daddy got in on the reads as we do them at night before bed.” Definitely a treasure to look forward to.
  2. The Year of Miss Agnes tells the beautiful story of a teacher in Alaska who transformed her classroom. Especially for beginning (and, perhaps, reluctant) homeschoolers, this book offers tremendous encouragement to see how little things done with love can make a big difference. And it reinforces the pleasure of education and the enjoyment of sharing good books.
  3. Owls in the Family is the funny story of an intrepid boy who found an abandoned owl and brought him home to raise. When he later acquires a second one, he and Wol and Weeps, along with their friends, have hysterical adventures. A true delight, told by an animal lover.

For the readers, you will get a bundle of three or four books, specific to your student’s skill level, so they can practice their reading. Use the free Reading Assessment to select the appropriate Reader levels for your family.

Click here learn more about Readers.

Daily Time Requirements:
Child; Parent: 1.5 - 2 hrs

If you have any questions about what 6-week curriculum package to order, or what would be right for your family, please don't hesitate to contact a Sonlight Advisor and get some additional information.

History & Geography

The Usborne Time Traveler (BH01)

Required Resource for History / Bible / Literature C. (Included in B and B+C. If you purchase History / Bible / Literature C and have not used B or B+C, you will need to purchase this book separately.)


Instructor's Guides

Read Alouds

The Year of Miss Agnes (BA05)

A teacher from England connects with the hearts and minds of students in a one-room Athabascan school in Alaska in 1948.


Homer Price (BA06)

Award-winning author illustrator recounts the hilarious adventures of a small town boy in middle America during the early '50s.


Owls in the Family (BA16)

Welcome to the hilarious adventures of Wol and Weeps, two of the most lovable pets you'll ever meet. The great horned owls shake up a whole Saskatchewan neighborhood, outsmart Mutt the dog, and turn a house topsy-turvy.


Readers / Literature

Henry and Ribsy (4R40)

Henry and Ribsy by Beverly Cleary details the beloved adventures of an all-American average boy and his dog. This book series started in 1950.


Encyclopedia Brown (4R44)

A thoroughly likable boy detective uses his encyclopedic knowledge and unerring deductive abilities to solve ten mysteries.


Misty of Chincoteague (4R45)

Fictional account of a true story about an "uncatchable" mare named Phantom and her colt, Misty. Engaging.


Frindle (4R59)

Fifth grader Nick Allen decides to test his language arts teacher's commitment to dictionaries by creating a new word—frindle. The ensuing battle of wills provides a delightful backdrop for a young person's introduction to the fascinating world of words.

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