Discover & Do Level 4 DVD ES06

Discover & Do Level 4 DVD

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In Discover & Do, Level 4, you'll observe science experiments that are part of the Science E curriculum.

Not only that, you'll learn how to do the experiments yourself in the comfort of your own home!

You'll learn why light bulbs light, look at all the colors in a prism, and even make your own electric motor. You'll build a fuse, make your own helicopter, and use a microscope to look at bugs, plants, rocks, and even human body cells. You'll do all these things and much more.

We've always said that Sonlight is "great for your kids, AND great for you," and the Discover & Do DVD's were made with that in mind. As a busy parent who might not have the time to demonstrate the experiments his or herself, your kids will be able to watch the experiments and learn do it on their own.

Filled with fascinating science experiments and peppered with humor, this video is an ideal supplement to your children's science education.

Below are just a few video clips from this stimulating new DVD.

Normally, my oldest watches the DVD after he does the TOPS experiment (Science E) to review and make sure he did it correctly. It's a nice reinforcement and keeps me from feeling like I need to do the experiments with him if I'm short on time. Mostly, I love the fact that if we need help, we can watch the DVD until we find what we did wrong and then stop and go finish. It's also great for my younger kids (Science B) to watch the experiments instead of doing them since it's really hard to find time for them. They all flock to the TV when either of the DVDs are on because they are well done and funny in a corny sort of way.

The irony is that I bought the DVDs so I wouldn't HAVE to do the experiments but we've actually done more of them this year than ever before!

Donna P. 10 March 2006

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