Simon Bolivar EH09R

Simon Bolivar

The Liberator

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  • Author: Frank de Varona
  • Read Aloud Grade Range: 2-8
  • Read Alone Grade Range: 2-6
  • Illustrated Content
  • Five Day Only
  • Binding: p
  • Pages: 35

Simon Bolivar took on one of the strongest armies in the world. And he won.

Bolivar wanted to free South America from Spanish rule. But the Spanish were not going to give up their land without a fight. Sometimes the fight seemed hopeless. The Spanish were tough enemies and hard to defeat. But so was Bolivar and his army.

Simon Bolivar was willing to win at any cost. What price would he pay?

Product Notice: Simon Bolivar: The Liberator is a new book about Simon Bolivar from the same author as Simon Bolivar: Latin American Liberator, which has gone out of print. However, it does not contain the same content as the book we previously carried.

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