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Hands & Hearts Activities D - American History

Bring the past to life

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Hands & Hearts D includes four delightful projects that give your children a glimpse of the world in days gone by. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Bamboo Flute
    Hands On Art Activity
    Also known as a penny whistle, the flute was a popular toy for early American children. You'll personalize your bamboo flute in the Native American—style, with leather and glass crow beads. Pay attention to the rules about beads to be as authentic as possible.
  • Copybook
    Back in "the olden days," paper was scarce and children did their school work in small notebooks called copybooks. You'll make your own parchment-paper copybook, mix up some ink, and write with a white-feather pen to re-create the old-school experience.
  • Fun with Marbles
    Hands On Game
    A popular game for centuries, both Native American and colonial children played with marbles. In early days, they were made of clay or stone. After you learn the basics of this addictive and challenging game, try not to lose your marbles.
  • Panning for Gold
    Did you know that there's still "gold in them thar hills" across America today? Should you decide to go on a future mining adventure, you'll learn some panning techniques that could help you find your own pot o' gold.

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