From Sea to Shining Sea for Young Readers (Clearance) CLR-DH19

From Sea to Shining Sea for Young Readers (Clearance)

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  • Read Aloud Grade Range: 2-6
  • Read Alone Grade Range: 3-8
  • Five Day Only
  • Christian Publisher

This product is part of Sonlight’s Warehouse Sale. This is not a new item. All sales are final.

This product is part of Sonlight's Warehouse Sale. This is not a new item. All sales are final.

Tells America's story during its first fifty years as a nation. These were the days of Benjamin Franklin and Daniel Boone, Francis Asbury and Charles Finney, Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston. During these years Conestoga wagons and circuit riders became famous, the Second Great Awakening sparked revival across the nation, Indian wars and slavery were major concerns, and the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon Trail expanded American boundaries from sea to shining sea. God was also at work in the young nation, giving its settlers opportunities to shape its history and to be His people.

The "Discovering God's Plan for America" series offers a different perspective and covers different key events than most other American history books provide. A helpful tool for considering views and looking at the same story through different perspectives.

Substantial notes in the History / Bible / Literature D Instructor's Guide offer counter-arguments to some biased "providential" perspectives and help children develop critical thinking skills.

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