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Hands & Hearts Activities C - World History

Bring the past to life

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Hands & Hearts C includes four delightful projects that give your children a glimpse of the world in days gone by. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Japanese Kokeshi Doll
    Dolls are important in Japanese culture, are often passed down from a previous generation, and may be quite valuable. Kokeshi are small wooden dolls with simple bodies. This kit lets you make two of your choice (girl or boy).

  • Hands On Painting Activity
  • Telling Time with Candles
    There was no Apple watch in medieval days. There were, however, candlemakers. Not only will you create a candlestick fit for royalty, you'll also see how burning candles can be used to mark the passage of time.
  • Colorful Mandala
    Hands On Art Activity
    Historically made by Tibetan monks, mandalas are round, with intricate pictures made from colored sand. It's customary for mandalas to be destroyed after two days. You'll make yours on sturdy cardstock, so you can keep it around longer.
  • Trading on the Frontier
    Long before malls and Internet shopping, people traded things they caught, shot or grew. On the frontier, furs (especially beaver) were in great demand. You'll consult a centuries-old estate document to learn how items were valued. Trade some salt for a deer hide?

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