History & Geography C - 4 Day CH4

History & Geography C - 4 Day

Book Collection

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Instructor's Guide not included. This is part of your History / Bible / Literature C and Grade 3 All-Subjects Package for Returning Sonlighers.

This collection of second grade reading books is included History / Bible / Literature C. If you don't need notes or a schedule, but would like some supplemental reading to go along with an early elementary study of world history, this book collection is for you. It's perfect to accompany your study of the second two years of a classical, four-year history cycle.

Please note: These books are part two of Sonlight's elementary world history study. If you want the more comprehensive books, that detail world history more specifically, please also add A Child's History of the World, The Usborne Book of World History, and The Usborne Time Traveler.

In the nine books included in this collection, you'll follow the story of world history from the fall of Rome, through the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, Asian dynasties, and the Industrial Revolution to modern global history. You'll not simply trace the roots of Western Civilization, but acquire an overview of how civilizations have developed all over the world—Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa.

As your children see the flow of World History—the rise and fall of civilizations—they get a big-picture look at what has gone before. That, in turn, helps them understand the world today.

Although Sonlight C touches on some hard topics, overall the focus is on positive stories of people overcoming obstacles. You'll go adventuring with Vikings, and missionaries. In Peter the Great, you'll meet the energetic ruler of Russia, the visionary behind St. Petersburg, and cultural reformer. In Michelangelo, you'll meet the master of three widely different art forms: architecture, painting, and sculpture.

With this program, you also gain a special love for modern peoples around the world through the book Window on the World. From Afghans to Zulus, meet 92 largely unevangelized countries and people groups. Learn about the globe and help your children develop a godly heart for the world.

Another highlight is Geography Songs, a rollicking album of countries and capitals. If you sometimes forget where Gambia is, or whether Luxembourg is a country or a city, this album will help you know the countries of the world.

History & Geography

Window on the World (CH04)

A wonderful introduction to 92 largely unevangelized countries and peoples of the world. From Afghanistan to the Zulus, and beyond.


Audio Memory Geography Songs CD Kit (CH06)

33 songs teach the names and locations of the continents, oceans, planets, 225 countries, and the states and provinces of Canada and the U.S.


Timeline Figures C (CH12)

80 Timeline Figures for Sonlight C on self-adhesive heavy card stock. Just cut them out, color and stick them in your Timeline Book.


Gladys Aylward (CH13)

A story built around the work of Gladys Aylward, an uneducated British housemaid who went to China via Russia in the midst of the Soviet-Chinese war in the early 20th century.

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Consumable Items

History & Geography

Audio Memory Geography Songs Additional Workbook (CH061)

Consumable workbook with lyrics, illustrations, tests, and 23 up-to-date maps to label and color.


Audio Memory Geography Songs Additional Wall Map (CH062)

25" x 36" world wall map with memorization keys.

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