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Instructor's Guide not included. This is part of your History / Bible / Literature B and Grade 1 All-Subjects Package.

This collection of books is included in History / Bible / Literature B. If you don't need notes or a schedule, but would like some supplemental reading to go along with an early elementary study of world history, this book collection is for you. It's perfect to accompany your study of the first two years of a classical, four-year history cycle.

These first grade world history books explore the story of the world from Creation through the fall of Rome. You'll see how people lived in ancient Egypt, Greece, Europe, Africa, India, and China. You'll learn about worthy heroes who followed God's call and shared His love with others.

Look at some of the standouts included in this package of eleven carefully curated first grade geography and history books. As your children read about ancient history, they may wonder how we know how the ancients lived. The book on archaeology answers that question: Archaeologists find clues like homes, tools, toys and pots. When paired with historical documents, these clues explain what life was like in ancient times.

The readable, story-based Child's History of the World tells the story of world history, without talking down to children. To enhance Hillyer's book, you'll also get the illustrated book The Usborne Book of World History. Either book on its own would be good, but the combination is outstanding.

Additionally, you get to examine these cultures in greater depth in the entertaining, illustrated Time Traveler book.

You'll also enjoy a book about King Tutankhamen and the Great Wall of China; missionary biographies about Joy Ridderhof and George Muller, and more.

Enhance your study of world history today with this collection of excellent books.

History & Geography

The Usborne Time Traveler (BH01)

Required Resource for History / Bible / Literature C. (Included in B and B+C. If you purchase History / Bible / Literature C and have not used B or B+C, you will need to purchase this book separately.)

Visit Ancient Egypt, Rome, medieval Europe and Viking days. Colorful, detail-packed illustrations teach about family life and cultural achievements. Humorous, lively, imaginative.


Tut's Mummy Lost & Found (BH02)

The incredible story of discovering an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb — in the same condition it had been left 2000 years before.


George Muller (BH06)

With scarcely enough money for his own family, George Muller sponsored a "Breakfast Club" for orphans that eventually filled five large houses and cared for 10,000 children. Muller's faith and generosity have set a standard for Christians of all generations. A gripping true story.


Archaeologists Dig For Clues (BH08)

Join an archaeological dig and learn about the tools and techniques archaeologists use!


The Great Wall of China (BH10)

Twenty-two hundred years ago in China, King Chen's greatest responsibility was to protect his people from their fierce enemies. To do so he built a Great Wall 3,750 miles long. An awe-inspiring look at why and how the Great Wall of China was built.


Timeline Figures B (BH11)

Over 40 Timeline Figures for Sonlight B on self-adhesive heavy card stock. Just cut them out, color and stick them in your Timeline Book.


Around the World with Kate and Mack (BH13)

Take an exciting journey Kate and her pet parrot, Mack, as they travel around the world to learn more about different languages and cultures. They are making lots of new friends along the way. As you will travel with them, you will:

  • Learn about our most recent adventures twice a month through "Keeping Up with Kate" emails.
  • Learn about fun facts, activities, stories and even ways to pray as a family for people around the world.
  • Learn how more and more people understand that Jesus speaks their language, no matter what country they're from!

Catching Their Talk in a Box (BH14)

The amazing, "out-of-the-box" story of Joy Ridderhof. An illness kept her from missionary service, but that merely opened a greater opportunity!


The Usborne Book of World History (CH02)

Required Resource for History / Bible / Literature C. (Included in B and B+C. If you purchase History / Bible / Literature C and have not used B or B+C, you will need to purchase this book separately.)

The history of the world to 1914.


A Child's History of the World (CH15)

Required Resource for History / Bible / Literature C. (Included in B, and W. If you purchase History / Bible / Literature C and have not used B, or W, you will need to purchase this book separately.)

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