The Wheel on the School BA04

The Wheel on the School

This item has been discontinued.

  • Author: Meindert Dejong
  • Read Aloud Grade Range: 1 - Adult
  • Read Alone Grade Range: 4 - Adult
  • Five Day Only
  • Newbery Award
  • Binding: Pb
  • Pages: 320

Touching classic about citizens of a Dutch town who come to know each other as they bring back the storks.

In this title, part of your 1st Grade or History / Bible / Literature B package, travel to another part of the world and experience life in a very small village. Learn about amazing birds and what determination and kindness can bring about. Find a complete schedule and notes in your Instructor's Guide to get the most from your reading. Naturally improve your vocabulary and discuss life-lessons with your children.

"Just wait! As we got into the book, my hyperactive 7-year-old really started to get wrapped up in it and so did I! By the end, the story becomes quite exciting. Stick with it. The story is all about how an entire town of people who don't really know each other pull together and really become a community in order to bring the storks back to their town. Wait till you meet one-legged Janus — he's a hoot!" - Jill B.

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