Science Supplies Kit A ASK

Science Supplies Kit A

Items in this kit are consumable but may be shared with multiple students.


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The bits and pieces you need for Science A.

Science experiments can easily get passed over in homeschooling homes. A Sonlight Science Supplies Kit helps you fit the experiments into your life. You won't ever need to skip an experiment because you're missing a cork, a marble, a magnet, a thumbtack, a tiny lightbulb. No need to make a run to the hardware store to buy a galvanized nail (and then realize that you actually have to buy a box of 100, when you really need just one).

The Sonlight Science Supplies Kit has the items you need, in the quantities required.

Items in this Science laboratory kit are consumable but may be shared between multiple students.

Sonlight Science A Supplies Include:

  • aluminum foil
  • balloon
  • charcoal
  • clay
  • clothespins
  • coffee filters
  • citric acid
  • dowel
  • kidney beans
  • magnifying glass
  • marbles
  • masking tape
  • paper clips
  • peat pots
  • ping pong ball
  • potting soil
  • rubber band
  • spool
  • straws: straight and bendable
  • Styrofoam trays
  • sugar cubes
  • talcum powder
  • tissue paper
  • toothpick
  • wire
  • yeast

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