Hands-on History: World Cultures AHK

Hands-on History: World Cultures

History Project Kit

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Go beyond your books and bring history to life with the hands-on projects in Sonlight's new Hands-on History Kit: World Cultures.

Make memories with your children as you work on nine projects side-by-side, guiding them through the clearly outlined directions. Watch their confidence grow as they proudly show off their completed projects.

This hands-on history activities kit is excellent for Sonlighters, and amazing enrichment for other homeschoolers and afterschoolers! The projects included in this kit increase your children's understanding of history, offer evidence of learning … and they make teaching world cultures fun!

Hands-on History: World Cultures Supply Kit includes:

  • Project supplies--except for a few household items such as scissors, stapler, markers, etc.
  • Instruction booklet--full-color, 117-page guide includes directions-- with illustrations--for each step in the process. Even non-craftsy moms can enjoy these projects!
  • A schedule so if you are using it alongside Sonlight's History / Bible / Literature A program or All-Subjects Package A, you will know what weeks to add the projects to your homeschool routine. But the kit can also be used as a standalone product for homeschoolers using a different curriculum or for afterschoolers looking to add enrichment to a traditional school situation.

Stop hunting Pinterest for ideas and making multiple trips to the craft store. This kit has nine unique projects that tie to your World Cultures studies.

QuoteIf you're on the fence about the HBL A World Cultures History Project Kit, let me convince you to get it!" writes Davina K of Carlsbad, CA. "It's amazing! I'm an anti-craft mom because crafts are time consuming and messy, but this box has removed every excuse I have. It has everything you need for each project and is already perfectly organized. The directions are simple and easy to follow."

Projects Included:

  1. Ancient Egypt: Obelisk
  2. Northern European Straw Weaving
  3. Medieval Catapult
  4. Age of Exploration: Sailing Ship
  5. American West: Build a Log Cabin
  6. Inventors: Samuel Morse Telegraph
  7. Traveling Faster with Cars
  8. Mountains: Build a Volcano
  9. Desert: Lap Book

Each of the 9 projects is scheduled as an optional activity in the current Sonlight Level A History / Bible / Literature Instructor's Guide.

Whether you're homeschooling or afterschooling, these enrichment activities enhance your children's understanding of the past. Fun and educational!

Have crafty kids but you aren't a crafty mom? No worries!

The 117 page instruction booklet includes

  • A supplies list for each project. See at a glance what the Kit includes and what you need to provide.
  • A short introduction to the historical events related to each project, connecting the activity to your studies.
  • Clear, step-by-step directions—with illustration—for each step in the process. You will know what to do and how to do it.

Add this fun, hands-on activities to your day – something for you and your children to look forward to. If your children love doing crafts – cutting, gluing, coloring, and more – they will love this Hands-On History Activities Kit!

Suggested Age Range: 5 - 7

Consumable. These projects are like gingerbread houses: they can be shared if necessary, but most children would prefer to craft their own.

No resources.

No attachments or samples.

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