The Light at Tern Rock AA11

The Light at Tern Rock

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Ronnie loves living in the lighthouse, but the days go by, and the keeper doesn't return. A simple but pleasurable Christmas story for all ages.

Excitement and disappointment are both common experiences in life. What's it like to be in a thrilling new place? How should we handle feelings of betrayal? These are just some of the questions this title broaches as part of your Kindergarten or Sonlight A package. Experience the ups and downs of life with your children as you read this and other titles in your complete homeschool curriculum from Sonlight.

Included in Sonlight A, this is a beautiful story about preparing one's heart for Christmas.

When the retired lighthouse keeper goes out to the rock to substitute in for the current keeper, she brings her nephew. They fully expect to be back to the mainland in time for Christmas. But as the days pass … something has gone wrong.

This is a story about betrayal and forgiveness. It sings.

And if you ever get tired of Christmas music, this book has one of the most beautiful descriptions of caroling I have ever read.

"You'll have fifty more Christmases in your life probably. But I won't. And the chance to lift my voice to the Lord in the old Christmas hymns, with my neighbors and friends around me in the peace of a Christmas service, is more precious than you can understand at your age."

If you have missed out on this one thus far, now is a great time to try it.

And if you still have it on your shelf – this is a great time to revisit this old friend.

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