Human Body - Full Course CD 550-20

Human Body - Full Course CD

1st Edition

This item has been discontinued.


The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is a high school college preparatory multimedia human anatomy and physiology course. It is not a supplement. It is a FULL COURSE and is very easy to use.

A navigation frame to the left allows you to choose any module and any section of the course. The content of that portion of the course will then appear on the right-hand frame. Animations and videos throughout the course make the material fun and interesting. Technical words are also pronounced for the student.

There are hands-on experiments throughout the CD so that the student can have a true laboratory-based human anatomy and physiology course.

Study guides and tests are included for every module, as well as answer keys. These materials can be printed out.

System requirements: Pentium processor 66 MHz; Windows 98 or higher; 64 MB RAM; 195 MB HD; Mouse; Sound card; CD-ROM drive.

This course can also be run on Mac OSX and higher, although there is no technical support provided.

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