Anatomy Coloring Book 550-14

Anatomy Coloring Book

4th Edition

This item has been discontinued.

Alternatively, please see 550-17

  • Author: Wynn Kapit, Lawrence M. Elson
  • Pages: 170

  • Included in these packages:

This is NOT an anatomy coloring book for children. It is the same anatomy coloring book used in many university Anatomy and Physiology courses.

This unique learning tool teaches anatomical concepts and illustrates all the structures and systems of the body through coloring exercises, an effective teaching device that also aids in the retention of the material. 162 two-page spread anatomy coloring pages are organized according to body system and a color-key system links terminology to illustrations, reinforcing learning and impressing upon students the visual details of anatomy.

Thoroughly revised to encompass updated information on AIDS, this unique guide to human anatomy and physiology provides a visual study of the diverse organs and systems of the human body and how they work.

Please see the AP Biology Program for more details about the full program.

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