RightStart Math Level E Book Bundle

2nd Edition

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The RS2 Level E Lessons include multiplication of a multi-digit number by a 2-digit number, short division by a single digit, mixed and improper fraction addition and subtraction, factoring into primes, and introduces decimals and percentages. Multiple approaches to problem solving are also incorporated along with classifications of triangles and polygons, measurement in US customary and metric systems, area, angles, line plots, and solving simple algebraic equations. Daily card games are included in the lessons. Review lesson are included for children new to the RightStartâ„¢ program.

Review lessons are included for a child beginning with the RightStart™ program.

RS2 Level E Book Bundle includes

  • RS2 Level E Lessons
  • RS2 Level E Worksheets

You will also need the RightStart Math Set kit (needed if new to RightStart Math and do not currently own any of the manipulatives).

If you are teaching this level to more than one child, you will need RS2 Level E Worksheets and may want an additional AL Abacus Standard.

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RightStart Math Set (RS2)

All the manipulatives for the Second Edition are right here. This kit includes the manipulatives needed for every level. Get the RS2 Math Set with your Second Edition Book Bundle, then all you need for the following years are the next Book Bundle because you already have all the manipulatives. You are ready to learn math the RightStart™ way!


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