Teaching Textbooks - Pre-Calculus Textbook and Answer Key 471-21

Teaching Textbooks - Pre-Calculus Textbook and Answer Key

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High schoolers with a gift or love for math can soar into advanced concepts and get ready for college-level Calculus.

The Pre-Calculus Teaching Textbook is a revolutionary new product that combines a teacher and a textbook into one. The product's most unique feature is probably its step-by-step multimedia solutions manual, which acts as a valuable safety net whenever a child is stumped on any of the text's more than 2,600 problems.

Friendly Text/More Explanation

Multimedia solutions are not the only features which set the Teaching Textbook program apart from the competition. The textbook itself, since it was designed specifically for independent learners, contains far more explanation than any on the market, and the tone is friendly and conversational. Important portions of the text are also highlighted to enhance reading comprehension.

Review Method

Another advantage of the Pre-Calculus Teaching Textbook is that it employs the well-known review method. This helps students master difficult concepts and increases long-term retention. Each lesson includes 5 or more practice problems (examples) and 20-24 assigned problems, for a total of more than 2,600 problems in the book.

Funny Examples and Illustrations

The Pre-Calculus Teaching Textbook is also full of fascinating and entertaining real-world examples that make the math concepts crystal clear. And the book contains many illustrations which put students at ease and keep them totally engaged in the learning process.

What Parents and Students are Saying

Parents love the Pre-Calculus Teaching Textbook program primarily because it relieves them from having to figure out tough math problems on their own. Students say that reading the text is like having a friendly tutor or coach gently guiding them through each concept and problem type.

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