Exploring Creation with Physics, Print Version 450-10

Exploring Creation with Physics, Print Version

Text plus Solutions & Tests Manual, 2nd Edition

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  • Author: Apologia Educational Ministries

A solid mathematically-oriented introduction to physics.

A solid mathematically-oriented introduction to physics. Excellent preparation for mathematically-inclined students who have an interest in possibly pursuing a technical or engineering degree in college. Though the math is related to the physical world, its practical applications are primarily by means of thought experiments that have to do with such things as moving cars and shooting bullets. The book is filled with mathematical formulas and includes a few black-and-white line drawings to illustrate some of the applications.

In order to fully understand the text, a student needs to be comfortable with the sine, cosine, and tangent functions along with their inverses. As always, Dr. Wile's explanations are extremely thorough and easy to understand (for those who have the proper math background).

One student commented, "On my very first test in college physics, I got the highest score in the class. My professor said that I must have had an excellent high school physics course. He was right!"

As with the other courses in the Apologia series, this one comes in two volumes: a "student text" and a "solutions and tests" manual. The student text includes all of the reading, laboratory exercises, and student exercises. The solutions and test manual includes solutions to all student exercises, tests, and test solutions.

A sample lesson may be viewed at the Apologia Science website.

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