History/Civics Program 420-00 420-00

History/Civics Program 420-00

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Instructor's Guide not included. This is part of your History / Bible / Literature 400 and Grade 12 All-Subjects Package.

Instructor's Guide not included. This is part of the History / Bible / Literature 400 and Grade 11 All-Subjects Package.

History & Geography

The U.S. Supreme Court (420-01)

How do cases make their way to the Supreme Court? How do the justices come to their final decision? In this brief introductory text, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist explains how the Supreme Court really works.


Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? (420-02)

Are You a Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? is part of the "Uncle Eric" series, where the author takes on the role of an economist writing a series of letters to his niece or nephew. Presented from the viewpoint of America's Founders, this book gives a clear, interesting explanation of political labels — what they mean, associated economic policies, the plans promoters have for your money and more.


Selecting a President (420-03)

Selecting a President is a nuts-and-bolts look at the presidential electoral system. From the primaries to conventions to the election and Inauguaration Day, come along on the fascinating journey that begins in Iowa and New Hampshire and ends at 16 Pennsylvania Avenue.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to U.S. Government & Politics (420-04)

Our government works. This books tells you how. Step behind the curtain of bureaucracy and gain a true understanding of how the complex system functions. Learn more about the three branches of U.S. government, the role political parties play in democracy, the various roles of the president and more.


Congress for Dummies (420-06)

If you've ever wondered how (and why) they do what they do in Washington D.C., this fun, friendly book on Congress will shed some light. You'll learn who the players are and get an insider's view on the processes, from legislation to lobbying, caucuses to coalitions and so much more.


Basic American Government (420-10)

We looked at dozens of texts before settling with delight on this volume for our American government curriculum. It provides exactly the kind of basic outline we need for a high school civics class.


Readers / Literature

Black Like Me (420-15)

A white man darkens his skin to experience the black man's world in 1959.

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Required Items

Instructor's Guides

Instructor's Guide 420 Set (420-IG)

Get complete lesson plans, schedule and teaching notes for the entire year. Package includes the level 400 American Government / Civics Parent Guide and accompanying American Government / Civics Student Guide.

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