Civil Law of the Bible 410 410-00

Civil Law of the Bible 410

Book Collection

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Should religious truth influence civil government? The politically correct answer is no. Bible 400 challenges that answer. Part of Sonlight 400.

You and your students will interact with Scripture in an ambitious new way. Two thought-provoking books, God and Politics and Truth and Transformation, ask you to question assumptions and serve as your guide to examine civil government through a Biblical lens.


God and Politics (410-01)

Was America ever a Christian nation, and should it be one? Which Old Testament laws apply to civil life today? To what extent should the state tolerate non-Christian views and practices in the name of pluralism? More than a dozen contributors representing four positions on the biblical role of civil government ask and address these and other pertinent questions.


Truth and Transformation (410-02)

Truth and Transformation holds out help, hope and healing — through the Gospel's foundational truths — for the woes of present-day Western society. An international scholar and visionary, the author unveils the transformative power of Jesus-centered thinking for every area of life, from morality to the economy to education and more.

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