Singapore Primary Math (U.S. Ed.) 3B Home Instructor's Guide only 3M24

Singapore Primary Math (U.S. Ed.) 3B Home Instructor's Guide only

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Bridge the gaps between the textbook and workbooks in the Primary Math 3B program, walking you through them in a logical, step-by-step fashion.

Get everything laid out for you: what concepts you will cover in each of the units in the Primary Math program, what pages you will reference in the textbook and workbooks, exercises for your child that will reinforce the concepts s/he learns, answers to all of the math problems, and more.

The guide coordinates everything and assists you in such a way that you will need to invest far less energy to give your children the top-notch math education for which you purchased Singapore Math® in the first place.

The Features and Benefits

Each unit contains:

  • Summaries of the concepts you will teach--You'll save time because you won't have to scan the textbook to find out what you will be covering; the summaries, at a glance, will tell you what's ahead.

  • Notes to the instructor--The notes give background information, suggestions, and clarifications that help you teach the course material more effectively.

  • Discussion questions--The discussion questions help you to teach more effectively. They serve as starting points that prompt even more questions and further understanding of the concepts covered in each unit.

  • Games to reinforce concepts--You get many creative ideas that will help you to make your daily math lessons more fun. Some games involve dice or a deck of cards; others involve drawing with paper and pencil. None of the games are elaborate; rather, all of them are simple so that you can add a lot of value to your study without a huge investment of time.

  • Answer keys--The answer keys in the manual differ from the original answer keys in that they show not only the final answer, but the process by which one arrives at an answer. This added feature helps you to identify where the errors in your child's thinking occur so that you can constructively show him or her where s/he has gone wrong.

we do have other reasonably priced products that dovetail nicely with Singapore Math®. (See page 107-8 in the catalog.) These supplements give students the added practice and drill that some parents have asked for.

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