Phonics Level D 3L18

Phonics Level D

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  • Author: Jane Ervin
  • Consumable Item
  • Illustrated Content
  • Binding: Pb
  • Pages: 176

Optional workbook for Language Arts for Grade 4 Readers. Consumable.

Two-color workbook with exercises covering short and long vowels, hard and soft c and g; r, s, and h blends; vowel- r combinations; silent letters; suffixes, syllables, vowel pairs, digraphs, diphthongs; plurals, possessives, contractions; prefixes, roots; synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and dictionary skills. Attractive and engaging 2-color workbook. 1998 edition.

Note: This workbook is part of an optional workbook series for those who want to supplement our "natural" language-learning approach. It is scheduled in the Language Arts for Grade 4 Readers Instructor's Guides.

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