Exploring Creation with Chemistry, CD-ROM Version 350-21

Exploring Creation with Chemistry, CD-ROM Version

This item has been discontinued.

Alternatively, please see 350-10


This CD-ROM version of Exploring Creation with Chemistry has all of the information found in the print version of the course, plus multimedia add-ons such as animations, videos, narrations, and audio pronunciation guides.

Study guides and tests (found on the 2nd CD) may be printed out for students to answer on paper. Answers are available to parents on the 2nd CD for manual grading.

The course uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, but it does not use the Internet. Everything you need is contained on the CD-ROMs. Microsoft Internet Explorer is utilized as the user interface because it is easy to operate and is familiar to most students.

This is a complete course, not a supplement. Includes two CD-ROMs.

System Requirements

These Apologia CD-ROMs are fully tested and have been designed for Windows 98 and higher operating systems.

The supported configuration for the CD-ROMs is Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 and higher, Windows Media Player 6.1 and higher, Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and higher.

Minimum requirements for the software are:

  • A 486 with a 66 MHz processor
  • Mouse
  • Windows 98: 16 MB of RAM minimum
  • Sound Card
  • Windows NT 4.0: 32 MB of RAM minimum, running Service Pack 3 or higher
  • Video and sound compression installed (part of Windows)
  • Windows 200: 64 MB of RAM minimum
  • Disk space required to install: 111 MB
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Disk space required to run: 80 MB after restart

Apologia does not offer technical support for this product on the Macintosh or Linux platforms. However, this product should work on Mac OS X and higher, Virtual PC 5.0 and higher, and Linux running KDE or Gnome. Please see the readme file on the root and exe directory of the CD for further information.

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