Exploring Creation with Chemistry - Multimedia CD 350-20

Exploring Creation with Chemistry - Multimedia CD

3rd Edition

This item has been discontinued.

  • Author: Apologia Educational Ministries

Includes about 290 audio pronunciations of the unique vocabulary words in the
textbook plus 48 video clips and graphic demonstrations.

Dr. Wile explains out loud, for example, how to calculate mass when you know the density and volume of a gas. His explanation is accompanied by graphics. Perhaps most pleasurable (because intriguing and exciting), he shows chemical reactions you would never be able (let alone willing) to do at home: certain explosive and combustible experiments, for example, that are fascinating to watch, but dangerous to do. My opinion: I would not want to do without the videos and many of the graphic animations and demonstrations.

System Requirements

You will need a PC with sound capability and uses Windows 95 or higher. Apologia does not offer technical support for Macintosh or Linux platforms. However, this product should work on Mac OS X or virtual PC 5.0.

One last note: Software cannot be returned for a refund once the package is opened. An opened package may ONLY be returned if it contains faulty or defective software.

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