Exploring Creation with Chemistry, Print Version 350-10

Exploring Creation with Chemistry, Print Version

Text plus Solutions & Tests Manual, 3rd Edition

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  • Author: Plourde and Hughes

Topics include:

  • measurement (including a discussion of units of measure)
  • energy, heat, and temperature
  • matter (including discussions of atoms and molecules, elements, compounds, etc.)
  • stoichiometry (ratios of substances in chemical reactions and equations)
  • atomic and molecular structures; molecular geometry/li>
  • acid/base chemistry; chemistry of solutions
  • the unique characteristics of gases
  • thermodynamics and kinetics
  • chemical equilibrium
  • and reduction/oxidation reactions

The authors recommend students to complete Algebra I prior to taking this course. Those students who have not completed Algebra I will need significant help to understand this material.

Text is accompanied by diagrams, charts, graphs, and illustrations. Price includes free curricular support from the author. Comes in two volumes.

View a sample lesson at the Apologia Science website. Comes in two volumes: a "student text" printed on quality, glossy paper, and a "solutions and tests" manual.

Main text is oversize hb.

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