Math Adventures Grade 2 2M18

Math Adventures Grade 2

Enchanted Forest

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  • Author: Linda Bertola, Agnese Baruzzi
  • Pages: 72

Every kid can go on a fun math adventure!

In a village hidden in the woods, animals live, work, play, and sometimes even quarrel. Led by a wise owl, second graders can wander through this enchanted space. As they visit the town, they’ll decode recipes, count cookies, and practice their addition, subtraction, and logic and problem-solving skills.

This book does not emphasize formal math definitions or terminology. Instead, math concepts are introduced gradually and naturally, as part of the story-based framework. Through this combination of storytelling and entertaining activities, even reluctant learners can grasp basic mathematical principles and begin to love the world of numbers.

Included in this workbook is practice in the following skills:

  • Reading and comparing quantities between 10 and 20
  • Grouping by 10s
  • Counting up to 100
  • Addition and subtraction, plus an introduction to multiplication as repeated addition
  • Strategies to help mental calculation skills
  • Logic puzzles

Each book has colorful stickers to place on the pages. This approach fosters a positive attitude about math and motivates children to keep trying and keep turning pages. To reinforce concepts, suggestions for simple extension activities using common household items are also included.

Children of different ages and math abilities can enjoy this book equally. They can engage with the material on many levels as they explore, discover and expand their understanding of math.

Suitable for ages 7-18

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